Smartmatic continues voting technology innovation


Smartmatic continued its groundbreaking deployment of secure voting technology to Estonia, Belgium and Bulgaria Read more

[BBC] The tech that could help clean polluted air


A new filtering system installed at London Marylebone train station is trying to tackle the problem of air pollution. Read more

[Sign & P.O.P World] Billboard with Air Purifier at London’s Marylebone Station


The initiative is meant to create a cleaner environment for Londoners Read more

CGI and Smartmatic to deliver electronic vote counting solution for 2020 London elections


The e-counting solution will ensure ballot papers are scanned and processed quickly and accurately, with full auditability of results Read more

[The Sunday Times] Airbubbl, a new in-car air purifier claimed to remove NO2, particulates and more from the cabin


The actual levels of pollutants inside a car can vary greatly, depending on how toxic is the exhaust of the vehicle you’re sat behind Read more

[Sky News] Nanocarbons give London commuters a breath of fresh air


Marylebone in central London has some of the worst air pollution levels in the country due to its congested roads Read more

[London Live] Marylebone Station becomes London’s first ‘clean air station’


London’s Marylebone Station is set to become home to innovative air cleaning technology, with the launch of four large clean air zones Read more

[Financial Times] Air pollution: why London struggles to breathe


Although London’s air often appears clear to the naked eye, the city has suffered from illegal levels of air pollution since 2010 Read more

Smartmatic – Cybernetica awarded European Commission blockchain research project


The project entitled “PRIViLEDGE” brings together a consortium of key European players in cryptographic research from the fintech and blockchain domains Read more

[Huffpost UK] Stella McCartney Has Opened Shop With 'The Purest Air In London'


The central London store will be the first to use air filter technology in a building, which can remove 95% of air pollutants and harmful gases. Read more

[Business Green] Fashion forward: Stella McCartney opens doors to London's 'purest' shop


The new store is fitted with state-of-the-art air filtration technology to tackle traffic fumes from the busy road and any residual airborne pollutants. Read more

[The Independent] Earth Day: Technology designed to clean air in schools and hospitals trialled in London 'pollution pods'


The Pollution Pods use technology that strips harmful substances from the air, creating breathable oases in the hearts of otherwise filthy cities. Read more

[Air Quality News] Art installation to recreate air quality of four cities


The interactive art installation aimed to offer a unique insight into how air pollution affects residents in cities across the world. Read more

[Secret London] This Chilling Installation Will Recreate The Pollution In Different Cities


The installation was designed and created by British artist Michael Pinsky, and it’s the first time these pods will come to the UK. Read more

[Business Insider UK] Danish researchers have designed a filter that removes dangerous exhaust fumes from the inside of your car


Airbubbl is the first technology shown to effectively remove nitrogen dioxide and other traffic pollution from inside cars. Read more

Smartmatic CEO at The Spectator’s ‘5 ideas to change the world’


As CEO of SGO and Smartmatic, Antonio Mugica has been actively involved in the development of innovative technologies to improve elections. Read more

SGO announces $3 million seed funding round to launch eVote


eVote is currently in beta and working with a select group of clients across multiple consumer industries. Read more

[CNBC] How the selfie could make elections safer


Smartmatic, a world-leading election technology firm, has designed a new app which enables people to vote using a selfie for authentication Read more

[BBC] Selfies could make election voting 'more accessible', app makers say


A new app which allows people to vote using a selfie has been revealed by a leading election technology company Read more

[The Guardian] Our technology can clean up air pollution hotspots


Tests at King’s College London have independently verified that our technology can clean the air of dangerous and pervasive nitrogen dioxide. Read more