About Us

About us

SGO is a family of ventures that aim to provide societies, governments and individuals with the tools to address what are likely to be some of the twenty first century’s most pressing challenges.

We invest in innovative, technology-based solutions and deliver them alongside significant, on the ground consulting services.

SGO is built on the extraordinary success of Smartmatic, which leads the electronic voting industry in terms of revenue, profitability, geographical presence, innovation and quality of support services. Smartmatic is now the largest component of our enlarged group.

SGO’s companies work in different areas but are guided by a common philosophy and ideals. We also share leadership and intellectual property. Together, we believe that we are more than the sum of our parts.

The SGO Group is headquartered in London.



SGO is committed to achieving profound social impact through the application of technology-enabled solutions. To accomplish this mission, we invest in ventures working on four areas: democratic participation, government efficiency, pollution control, and identity and privacy.

We are guided by a number of core principles. One is the importance of empowering citizens through voting and participation in the governance process. Another is the promotion of better interaction and data sharing both between citizens themselves and with their governments.

A third is that our solutions work best when they are custom made for our customers. A fourth is that technology only works if designed to be accessible and easy to use. This is why we invest in companies with a strong end-user focus, and make sure they provide the necessary on-the-ground support services to guarantee success.

Our board of directors

With the guidance of our board, we invest in companies developing innovative technologies, keep an outstanding track record of successful deliveries and build trust with our partners. They are instrumental in nurturing an organizational culture that reflects our corporate mission, vision and values.

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