What we are doing to slow the spread of Coronavirus

What we are doing to slow the spread of Coronavirus

SGO was founded around a singular strategy: to invest in and grow businesses that improve the quality of life. This focus brought SGO to the intersection of government and society, where we feel these business solutions can most quickly and easy reach the most people. Our companies are innovating solutions to address the rampant spread of coronavirus and the impact of COVID-19 on several fronts. 

Fighting coronavirus with technology

Three SGO companies direct protect human health by fighting the spread of coronavirus.


Sterisafe makes robotic systems that kill coronavirus to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by disinfecting whole rooms and other large indoor spaces. Using Sterisafe is possible to efficiently and effectively disinfect the air and surfaces in a room, and eliminate 99.9999% of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Sterisafe enables whole-room disinfection as a preventive strategy to contain the spread of pathogens in public facilities, public transportation, planes, patient rooms, ER rooms, meeting rooms and buildings.

Read more about Sterisafe here.


The most recent studies of coronavirus suggest that it remains airborne for longer periods than originally estimated, and thus can spread without physical contact or transference. Airlabs provides two different type of solutions for this problem.

  • The Airbubbl portable system uses nano-filtration to remove coronavirus from the air in small spaces such as vehicles or single rooms.
  • Airlabs also produces air filtration and sterilization systems for large spaces, such as warehouses, offices, and train and subway stations.

The AirBubbl was recently installed in 100 vehicles in London owned by the HATS Group and used to transport patients, including those who are known or suspected SARS-CoV-2 carriers, to hospitals and healthcare facilities in the city. These include Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust and St George’s Hospital. High-performance air filtration can remove over 95% of airborne particles that pass through the filter, including those that can carry the virus.

Read more about Airlabs here.

Tracking suspected & infected individuals

Folio’s Mobile Health Passport platform enables health status registration, health passport issuance and verification services for governments, health entities and ancillary services.

The Health Passport generates credentials that are secured locally on a person’s smartphone, under the individual’s complete control. It provides confirmed identity, and that the holder has a certificate of immunity that is current at point in time. The platform’s internal security ensures that no certificate can be spoofed, tampered with, or used by another person.

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Ensuring Election Continuity

The coronavirus situation is more than a health crisis. It is also impacting democratic institutions, which must remain stable. Smartmatic offers several options to ensure election continuity, such as remote voting channels and support services to assist election officials with safe in-person voting that does not put the health and safety of voters and poll workers at risk. In this difficult time, election officials need to make drastic process changes quickly. We have an entire division dedicated to logistics and support services to help jurisdictions with change management and implementation.

Bringing the ballot to the voter

When in-person voting is not an option, Smartmatic brings the ballot to the voter with its remote voting platform. The platform is flexible to meet the particular needs of any voting jurisdiction. Smartmatic’s online voting system allows voters to cast ballots on their tablets or smartphones without ever entering a voting center, so they can maintain social distancing.

Mitigating health risks in polling places

Smartmatic’s support team provides cleaning best practices, staffing for poll worker positions, poll worker training and disinfection services at polling places and at warehouse facilities.

Vote-by-mail products and services

We also support jurisdictions looking to expand vote-by-mail (VBM) processes with the product and services they need to transition smoothly. For election officials that tabulate ballots at centralized locations, we offer a line of high-speed, high-volume central scanners and the logistical services to securely transport ballots from polling stations to processing.

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