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AirLabs Recognized as 1 of 10 Most Impactful Entrepreneurial Companies Addressing COVID-19 Pandemic

Boca Raton, July 6, 2020 – AirLabs has been recognized by Unreasonable Impact and Barclays as one of the 10 most impactful and entrepreneurial companies addressing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company received a $100,000 grant to bring to market its clean air solution that provides public transport passengers with personal safe-air zones. As part of its recognition, AirLabs and nine other companies will showcase their innovations at The Unreasonable Impact COVID-19 Response Global Summit. The live virtual event takes place Wednesday, July 8.

AirLabs is transforming how humans visualise air pollution, clean the air and control air flows to create clean air zones where it is safe to breathe. The company’s winning product protects passengers using mass transit from airborne coronavirus.

In addition to the 10 recognized companies, The Unreasonable Impact COVID-19 Response Global Summit, will feature special guests Arianna Huffington and Andrew Yang. The event takes place from noon to 1:30 pm EDT (5 pm to 6:30 pm BST). Registration to watch the virtual event is available at

The nine other grant-receiving companies are:

1MG Technologies: India’s leading mobile healthcare platform with over 9 million downloads and 33 million monthly visits.

80 Acres Farms: Converting urban spaces in ultra-efficient indoor farms that produce accessible, affordable local food year round.

Ecoware: Creating 100% biodegradable eco-friendly and compostable certified food packaging and garbage bags.

eFishery: Creating the future of aquaculture with an IoT smart-feeding technology to help millions of farmers at the bottom of the food-supply pyramid.

Globechain: Creating the world’s largest reuse marketplace connecting corporations to charities and people to redistribute unwanted items.

Nanobiosym: Using nanotechnology to empower people worldwide with rapid affordable and portable diagnostic information about their own health.

Olio: Connecting neighbors and local shops so surplus food and other household items can be shared rather than thrown away.

Thread: Turning trash from the poorest neighborhoods in the world into purpose-filled recycled fabrics.

Zero Mass: Making drinking water an ultimate resource with SOURCE, a set of panels that make water from air.