What we are doing to slow the spread of Coronavirus


SGO Statement Regarding Appointment of Mark Malloch-Brown as President of The Open Society Foundations

As part of his commitment to sever all ties with private-sector companies, Lord Malloch-Brown is stepping down as Chairman of SGO on December 4.

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Air filtration technology installed in patient transport vehicles to reduce exposure to SARS-CoV-2

AirLabs has published a white paper on reducing exposure to airborne viruses using air filtration systems

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Smartmatic continues voting technology innovation

Smartmatic continued its groundbreaking deployment of secure voting technology to Estonia, Belgium and Bulgaria

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[BBC] The tech that could help clean polluted air

A new filtering system installed at London Marylebone train station is trying to tackle the problem of air pollution.

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[Sign & P.O.P World] Billboard with Air Purifier at London’s Marylebone Station

The initiative is meant to create a cleaner environment for Londoners

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